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Ranting in Binary for the last 20 years
14th-Aug-2006 10:29 am
Microsoft releases devkits to the everyday Joe?! Say it ain't so, someone check hell it's chilly. Does this also mean that full titles could support mods? Imagine that! Mods on a console that don't void the warranty, I'm going to watch this like a hawk.
14th-Aug-2006 07:50 pm (UTC) - Flash like, or shareware?
For $99 dollars a year none-the-less. How odd, huh. I think this is microsoft's attack on Wii and their smaller-party development push. Frankly, I don't know how effective it will be. Nintendo seems to take care of developers pretty well. But this is beyond small developer, this is homebrew. If I had more free time I'd probably pick one up myself, frankly. Maybe I will anyway!

I'm interested in how the finished products will be listed. Maybe a XboxLive Homebrew catagory in the live marketplace? How in depth will this be? Is it like coldstone, the RPG maker? Or is it more like xTools, the dev kit for OSX? That would be awesome if we could see shareware quality stuff. Otherwise it might resemble the internet's Flash games. And that's not so bad either. Sift through a hundred "president bush" games and you might find a dozen good games. Either way, I'm always a fan of promoting outside-the-box software. I'd jump on the Wii, but I've already chosen my side of the line in the sand. (maybe I'll visit...)
15th-Aug-2006 12:47 am (UTC) - Re: Flash like, or shareware?
Apparently this is a fully functional development SDK with some limitations. But you know how the private sector is with working around restraints. One could very well develop an xbox title entirely from scratch with this. I hope they do.
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