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Ranting in Binary for the last 20 years
No, that's the power cord. Lick it if you don't believe me. 
14th-Aug-2006 01:13 pm
Pray for me...

I took a break from classes and picked up a job doing customer service for DirecTV.  It's mostly tech support, but it's pretty easy to troubleshoot an AV unit.  The other questions are "what does this charge on my bill mean?".  "You mean the one above or below 'teenage gangbang 5'?".  Thank god it's not sales.  Pay is OK for an entry level job, but I get free fully loaded DirecTV.  Can't quite kiss the cable company goodbye yet though.  A Cable modem is $40 bucks a month, and DSL is $30 plus a phone line, and I use cell phones.  I've been trying to figure out a way to hack the r15 so I don't have to use a phone line, and I've been planning an xbox case that will include a 20 inch LCD and will fold open, resembling a bloated laptop.  This, is of course done while I'm at work.  Somehow, even though I spaced out the entire time training these past two weeks, I'm still regarded as the most capable person in the class.  That should give you an idea of how much intelligence is involved here.

Forgive me for not responding recently, I have however been reading them.  I'll be back posting from now on.
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