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Ranting in Binary for the last 20 years
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17th-Oct-2006 01:13 am - ...
I played Battlefield 2142 tonight, it obviously uses the Battlefield 2 engine. When will EA be stopped by some unknown power and actually forced to MAKE a game?
This is a post that was intended as a reply to Heffenfeffer, because LJ's got a 4000 character limit on comments...  ;)  The original post of his was here...  

Pray for me...

I took a break from classes and picked up a job doing customer service for DirecTV.  It's mostly tech support, but it's pretty easy to troubleshoot an AV unit.  The other questions are "what does this charge on my bill mean?".  "You mean the one above or below 'teenage gangbang 5'?".  Thank god it's not sales.  Pay is OK for an entry level job, but I get free fully loaded DirecTV.  Can't quite kiss the cable company goodbye yet though.  A Cable modem is $40 bucks a month, and DSL is $30 plus a phone line, and I use cell phones.  I've been trying to figure out a way to hack the r15 so I don't have to use a phone line, and I've been planning an xbox case that will include a 20 inch LCD and will fold open, resembling a bloated laptop.  This, is of course done while I'm at work.  Somehow, even though I spaced out the entire time training these past two weeks, I'm still regarded as the most capable person in the class.  That should give you an idea of how much intelligence is involved here.

Forgive me for not responding recently, I have however been reading them.  I'll be back posting from now on.
14th-Aug-2006 10:29 am - What!?
Microsoft releases devkits to the everyday Joe?! Say it ain't so, someone check hell it's chilly. Does this also mean that full titles could support mods? Imagine that! Mods on a console that don't void the warranty, I'm going to watch this like a hawk.
12th-Aug-2006 10:45 am - As My 360 Silently Weeps
My Man Moz
I'm bored with my 360.  There was Oblivion, which RAWKED, but I invested more than a hundred hours in that game, and frankly... it started to stale.  There are a couple of shooters that are decent, but when I feel like killing people, I turn to Halo 2 far more often than Call of Duty 2.  Not as pretty, but SO much fun. 

It sucks.  I have this $400 piece of hardware, and it's collecting dust because there just aren't games for it yet.  Seems that developers are more interested in making everything "next gen," rather than focused on truly great gameplay.  It's really telling when the downloadable games on Arcade show more innovation and sound game mechanics than the shit that costs $60 at the store.


I returned to my roots, and picked up a used GameCube at GameStop the other day - that set me back $60.  I also picked up Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, Resident Evil 4, The Ledgend of Zelda: Wind Waker, and Mario Kart: Double Dash.  Grand total was less than three hundred bucks.  Each of those games is more fun than nearly anything I've played on my 360 yet... Like I said: Sucks.

It doesn't look like it's going to get any better, either.  I downloaded demo's for Dead Rising and Saints Row and felt bludgeoned by stupidity.  Dead Rising played EXACTLY like State of Emergency, and that's not really a good thing.  Take SoE, add pretty graphics, zombies, and even more blood, and you've got the idea.  Saints Row was ... wait for it ... a GTA clone.  Not similar to GTA, or kinda like GTA, I mean that shit could have BEEN GTA, and I wouldn't have known the difference.  Minor changes in combat mechanics were the only distinguishable features to me. 

So, I disgustedly put down my 360 controller and wait for the Wii. 

... and Mass Effect.
Why do people upgrade their computers and not know what is in it later? How the hell can you spend money on something and not know what is in it? (No Brad, I'm not talking about you.) Seriously, it makes me wonder how people even use computers. This isn't something just recent either! How in the hell can you have a computer and not know how fast it is? YOU SEE IT EVERYTIME YOU TURN IT ON! I'm not asking people to know if they have DDR ram or anything. I'm not asking people to remember what they have their CAS Latency set to, I'm asking them "HOW FAST, IS YOUR COMPUTER'S CPU!?" This is a piece of integral information people, if you don't know SHIT about your computer. You should take the time to get to know the basics!

The Basics:
Amount of RAM in the system
CPU speed
CPU make
Hard drive size
Operating system type
Is there virus protection
Is there a firewall

The Extra Helpfuls:
Speed of RAM in the system
CPU type/model
Hard drive medium IDE/SATA
Operating system version
What virus protection and is it updated
What firewall and is it updated

The Even Betters:
Warranty for PC
When you got it

Seriously people, it's time to stop acting like you are 3 years old. Come into the light that is reality and take responsibility for your material items. Why buy a tool if you don't know at least a little something about it? I wouldn't buy a hammer without knowing it'd get the job done. Why you might ask? Simply because I'm not spending 10 dollars on something that doesn't DO, what I need it to DO!

I read a review of my video card on the website I purchased it from back when I bought it. The review basically stated this...

In reference to a Geforce 6 6600GT AGP 8X card.
"Pros:Looks cool and all.
Cons:I bought it and it won't work, because I have a PCI Express motherboard.
Other:I should probably die of AIDS!"

The assbag spent 250 dollars on a video card, that was the wrong CONFIGURATION FOR HIS COMPUTER. Not only because he is an idiot, but because he thinks everything is just going to work like the American way. "Well hell I'll just stick this video card in the hole and it will work!" No, wrong, GET ON THE INTERNET AND READ SOMETHING ASSHOLE. I'm not going to tell you what, figure that out for yourself! Also, if you don't know how to use google, I give up on you and so should everyone else. You've gone past a line on the chart of humanity that was clear at the bottom. You're like the 392,095th line of a spreadsheet. There isn't a printer in the world that can print to you, like there isn't a person in the world that could help you.

Now let these things soak, consider where you are and if need be do what needs to be done.

One last thing, if you people don't start updating your anti-virus software then just sell your computer and get a brother word processor.
8th-Aug-2006 04:00 am(no subject)
Back when I bought Sacred Plus at walmart for 9 dollars almost a year ago it came as a two disc set. It didn't ask for a CDKey so I thought it didn't need one, nor was it on the box. Later on I felt like playing it over dialup, and that is where you need that secret CDKey. I was pissed that it wasn't included, but by now I had also purchased the expansion pack for 4 dollars. It did have a CDKey.... So I wrote the company about this, and they just gave me a CDKey no questions asked. These guys kick ass! It has to be the first time I've ever email any company and actually received a fair answer to my liking. Ascaron Entertainment rules!
25th-Jul-2006 02:44 am - I hate to say it...
But from recent DUO benchmarks and pricing, it looks like it's that time to go Intel again. AMD's top of the line FX62 priced at a heavy duty 1,100 dollars per die can't compare with Intel's 530 dollar priced middle of the row DUO die. I never found myself bothered that there are faster CPUs out there for me to own, I'm a deal hunter. I'm also more likely to buy into the company with the most efficient MHZ / Watt / FPOS (Floating Point Operations a Second) ratios. That for the longest time was AMD, now they got entirely owned by Intel with the Duo CPU. Not just that but AMD's acquisition of ATI isn't really making me jump for joy either. ATI makes both video cards and chipsets for their SLI alternative Cross-Fire for both AMD and Intel CPUs. Now it is going to be a conflict of interest for AMD/ATI to continue to make Intel compatible reference motherboards for their Cross-Fire technology. Which could draw ATI as far as discontinuing development of Intel friendly Cross-Fire boards, or a extreme cut back on what can be available. With AMD at the helm it also causes another problem. Is ATI going to have a direct effect on CPU development in the company? This could be bad if they do, and could lead to a whole stream of proprietary hardware configurations in what AMD already has as 4 pin array configurations in their motherboard/CPU product line-up. This could also affect support of Nvidia based SLI technology working with Cross-Fire, basically leading us dead into a hardware based version of the API wars. "Competition is good." Yeah when you are competing and not outright fighting! Loss of support won't drive down prices it will just agitate hype creating factors of advertisement which will make prices go up. Who knows exactly what will happen, but I can see AMD seriously profiting from this outfit of change. We on the other hand, I think we will get the short end of the stick for a while. If I had the choice in the matter, I would have bought Nvidia... ATI is like the Ford Jaguar vs Jaguar before Ford got it's greedy little hands on it. They just don't innovate, they basically take what has been already done and make it faster. Basically what 3M does for the tape industry, except 3M doesn't make tape that runs hotter, requires more power, is harder to SLI, and requires more cash. For now, if I have to, I'll be going Intel until AMD pulls themselves out of their slump.
22nd-Jul-2006 02:22 pm - CDs have to be stopped!
I'm so sick of opening newly purchased game boxes to find cheaply wrapped stacks of 5 to 6 CDs! Why are they still doing this?! It is totally ridiculous to think that people's main format for video games and software should be 5 to 6 CDs! Takes forever to install, more crap to keep track of, blah blah blah. I'm sorry, but if you don't have a dvd drive by now, you might be a cheap ass. Get a friggen DVD drive so we all can go back to single CD installs. That and so I don't have to carry around 3 120 capacity CD cases whenever I move my computer. I tell you, it's like reading the physicians section of the phone book to get to the Pizza section. My CD folder is exactly like that, 3 pages of Far Cry, 7 pages of Unreal-UT2004. By the time I'm done flipping I don't even want to play anymore! ::changes to disc three:: OH NOW IT WANTS DISC TWO! EAT CRAP!
I often compare my gaming to a heroin addiction.  It was good at first, but now I spend all my money just looking to recapture that feeling I had when I first started, if only for a few moments.  It's fast and fleeting, like when oblivion came out.  For the first month I was like, "WOW!  This kicks ass!  I'm gonna do this, and this, and this...".  But I soon started noticing little flaws and repetitions that brought back the work-like efficiancy that I developed from so many sequels to games that brought absoloutley nothing different to the series.  You know what I mean?  Where you find yourself streamlining actions and zoning out?  Another reason I burned out on japanese anime and RPG's.  The plot was always the same, and like you said once before, was like the plot in a porno.  Anime was the most frustrating though.  I would find a series like "Paranoia Agent" and enjoyed it for the first two episodes, but in the end it always turned into some big fuckin robot martial arts chi battle.  Furi Kuri was the only series where the big robot shit didn't bother me.

I digress though.  Let's take for example, Hitman.  Games like this and Splinter Cell, MGS and more are just a matter of repetition to me.  Play a little, memorize the level, restart.  Eventually morphing into some rediculous method of perfection.  It gets to the point where I'm trying to figure out what the programmers want me to do.  And frankly, it's not that hard to figure out.  Eventually you can just tell what the level designers want.  "Oh, I'm so sneaky!  I'm gonna put this sniper here, and the only safe way to hit them is going to be from this bell tower.  But when he enters the bell tower there's gonna be some gaurds in there, and he'll have to kill them silently or the sniper will...".  But it's pretty obvious.  "Ok, there's this bell tower here.  I'm sure they want me to use it for something, otherwise there wouldn't be a functioning door on it.  Maybe I'll...  Oops, sniper.  Ok, I guess that's what the bell towers for.  Up the tower then!".  With hitman I didn't even bother to play the game the way you should.  I knew I could restart, so I would first bring my SMG and waste everyone in the level.  Then I would wander around looking for elevators, stairs, cameras, special items.  Then I would restart and stand there, observing the actions of the target NPC's.  At that point, it was pretty clear what I had to do.  In fact, you find that you can just run from one target to another and every opportunity will just present itself to you.  Every action of the NPC's is perfectly timed to give you this kind of window.  I got Silent Assassin on every level on hard mode in less than 2 days...

At the end I wondered, had I really enjoyed the game?  I got satisfaction from completing the level, but playing the level itself was just a pain in the ass.  I spent two nights staring at the screen with a blank look on my face, not even twitching if I got cought or something.  There was no disbelief to be suspended...  No fantasy to wake up from.  Just a menial task with only self satisfaction at the end.
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